Privacy Policy

DRG Metrix, LLC (hereinafter the "MyOWLe") has established this privacy policy to explain to you how your information is protected, collected, and used both through the MyOWLe mobile application and through our website. MyOWLe may update this policy at any time. MyOWLe will provide notice of materially significant changes to this privacy policy by posting notice at or through the mobile application. If you use the MyOWLe mobile application through an organization’s account, additional privacy related terms and conditions may be in your organization’s agreement with MyOWLe for any use by that organization. MyOWLe recommends speaking with an authority figure at your organization about any specific terms and conditions that may override these terms or supplement them if you are using the MyOWLe mobile application through your organization’s account. If you are using the MyOWLe mobile application through your organization’s account, the agreement for such use between MyOWLe and your organization shall prevail if there are any conflicts with this Privacy Policy.

Protecting Your Privacy

MyOWLe makes all attempts to protect your private information. MyOWLe will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes without your prior consent except as allowed in our Terms of Use. However, MyOWLe does share your personal information with third parties that provide services to MyOWLe, including, but not limited to, independent contractors and/or employees who provide services and third party merchant processing companies if you pay for our services through credit card. In addition, with your permission, information, including but not limited to, stating that you are a current MyOWLe client and case studies, may be shared with social networking websites such as,, and 

MyOWLe, people who post through MyOWLe or our website, and/or the company which is providing your MyOWLe account, may provide links to third party websites, which may have different privacy practices. MyOWLe is not responsible for, and does not have any control over, the privacy policies of those third party websites, and encourages all users to read the privacy policies of each and every website visited.

If you have a paid account through MyOWLe, MyOWLe will share the information that you provide to the users who you let access your MyOWLe account.

Use of MyOWLe Website by Minors

MyOWLe does not knowingly collect any information from persons under the age of 13 years of age.

Data MyOWLe Collects

MyOWLe may collect the following data:

  • your email address, your physical contact information, and your phone number;

  • information based on your activities on MyOWLe website and/or mobile application;

  • dispute resolution information, correspondence through MyOWLe's website, and correspondence sent to MyOWLe or through the MyOWLe mobile application;

  • additional information MyOWLe asks you to submit, including information that you submit through the application for organization who granted you access to the MyOWLe mobile application under their account; and,

  • other supplemental information from third parties.

  • categorized information about the industry for your organization

MyOWLe sometimes collects your email address, for purposes such as sending confirmation emails, authenticating your accounts, and sending information about DRG Metrix, LLC, its mobile applications, and its websites. By submitting your email to MyOWLe's website, you consent to emails from MyOWLe.

MyOWLe may collect personal information if you provide it in feedback or comments or if you contact MyOWLe directly.

Any information posted on the public areas of MyOWLe website is not confidential nor is the information posted to the mobile application unless specifically stated. Please do not post anything on the public areas of MyOWLe website or to the mobile application that you would like to keep private. Information posted to the mobile application is generally available to all users that have access to your organization’s account unless otherwise stated by your organization.

MyOWLe's web logs collect standard web log entries for each page served, including your IP address, page URL, and timestamp. Web logs help MyOWLe diagnose problems with our servers, administer MyOWLe website, and otherwise provide MyOWLe's service to you. In addition, MyOWLe may collect other information from your interaction with MyOWLe's website, services, content, and advertising, including computer and connection information, statistics on page views, traffic to and from MyOWLe website, ad data, IP address, demographic and navigational data, and standard web log information. This information may be obtained for MyOWLe from a third party provider including, but not limited to, through the use of Google Analytics. MyOWLe may use this information for marketing, commercial, or any other purpose as MyOWLe sees fit.

The MyOWLe mobile application may collect additional information, including but not limited to location, photos, and text, based on the setup of your organization.

Data MyOWLe Stores

All information posted to MyOWLe website and the mobile application, including account information, is stored in MyOWLe's database, even after "deletion," and may be archived elsewhere.

MyOWLe's web logs and other non-account records may be stored indefinitely. This may include any information you supply to MyOWLe and your browsing history. However, MyOWLe cannot guarantee access to these records by third parties, including its users, for more than seven business days after the original information was submitted.

MyOWLe stores account information, including all uploaded information subject to the your organization’s specific agreement with MyOWLe.

Although MyOWLe makes good faith efforts to store the information in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public, MyOWLe cannot guarantee complete security unless specifically stated in your organization’s separate agreement to use the service.

MyOWLe may store information in an off-site location, which may or may not be located in the United States and may not be bound by the laws of the United States.

Archiving and Display of MyOWLe's Website by Search Engines and Other Websites

Search engines and other websites not affiliated with MyOWLe - including and - archive or otherwise make available MyOWLe's website. MyOWLe has no control over third party archiving and search engine websites and cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information stored by these websites. 

Circumstances in Which MyOWLe may Release Information

MyOWLe may disclose information about its users if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes.

MyOWLe may disclose information about its users, including but not limited to account information, to law enforcement officers or others, in the good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to: enforce our Terms of Use; respond to claims that any posting or other content violates the rights of third-parties; or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of MyOWLe, its users, or the general public.

MyOWLe may disclose information, including personal information from your account, to a third party if you request it.

MyOWLe may disclose information from your account pursuant to our Terms of Use to a third party if your personal information is not revealed.

MyOWLe may disclose your information to other business entities, should MyOWLe plan to merge with or be acquired by that business entity. 

MyOWLe may disclose all information provided by you to the organization who granted you access to the MyOWLe service.

International Users 

MyOWLe welcomes international users to browse MyOWLe website. International Website Users consent to all the terms of service and this privacy agreement. International users waive any and all remedies that they may have based on the laws of their country.