OWLe replaces paperwork with digital forms, centralizes documentation, and enables front line staff to report issues in real-time, improving upper management’s ability to make decisions. Here are our most frequently heard questions.

Who should get OWLe?

Companies that rely on paper checklists, surveys, walkie talkies, or text messages to report compliance, safety, and maintenance issues. If your employees are routinely completing specific tasks to deliver a high standard of service, in places like airports, hospitals, parking facilities, malls, arenas, or amusement parks, OWLe can work for you.

Why do we need OWLe?

OWLe is a time-saving resource that tracks quality assurance from your vendors, contractors and staff. It also transforms your employees into field reporters who document positive and negative incidents that are centralized for easy reference by your designated decision makers.

Who uses OWLe?

OWLe is for organizations dependent on reporting issues, completing scheduled inspections, surveys and checklists, monitoring employee and vendor compliance or viewing data reports. Front line employees, line managers, and executives are typical OWLe users that benefit from OWLe’s broad features and adaptability.

Who sees the OWLe data?

You chose who OWLe users may send information to based on a specific issue, employee or vendor classification, or any criteria that you may design.

How much does OWLe cost?

The cost of OWLe varies depending on our client’s need for customization. Please contact us for a free consultation so that we can learn more about your needs and provide you with a cost proposal that is designed to achieve your objectives.

If you still have questions, please reach out to us; we will help you understand how the OWLe app can improve employee efficiency, reduce insurance costs and help your business.